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Poor me. My kids have already broken up from school. And with that, we’ve had Christmas play, Christmas parents drinks (I was erm…too busy to attend..) and the usual sucking up to the teachers in the hope of ongoing goodwill to your children.

This year – we decided to MAKE something for them. Look…

Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
Who's a Clever Girl Then?

To get your kids to the top of the class, here’s step by step instructions to get there…

What You Need

  • Ready for action gingerbread dough – unless you’re Nigella or Delia – in which case go away…I bought mine from Totally Swedish £5.50 (makes around 40/50 cookies).
  • Arm muscles…I suffered with the rolling but went on thinking tone tone tone…
  • Cookie cutters – preferably Christmassy ones – stars, trees, baubles etc I bought mine from Lakeland.
  • Ready to roll icing – I chose red and green from Lakeland £1.49
  • Writing icing – we had a variety of colours also from Lakeland
  • Chocolate Coins 99p Tesco buy gold and silver
  • Jelly Sweets – I used jelly stars from M&S
  • Cellophane bags £2.99 Lakeland
  • Gift tags £1.50 from Paperchase
  • Willing kids
Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
Minnie struts her stuff

So, here are my Steps to School Success….

  • Roll out the cookie dough as thin as you can – ideally 3m max. This takes effort!
  • Use the cutters to make the shapes
  • Remove excess dough and keep in a ball
  • Move shapes onto baking tray lined with greaseproof paper
  • Bake in oven according to instructions on the pack. I tend to cook them for slightly longer as they look nicer when a bit browner. Much like us…Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
  • Repeat the above steps until you have used up all the cookie dough
  • Once out of the oven – leave them to cool before moving them. Once completely cooled you can decorate. Use that imagination of yours…
Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
Mix and match colours, styles - they don't have to be perfect!
Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
Roxie shows off her bauble
  • Leave them to dry overnight and then place in the clear bags, mixing them up with sweets and chocolates until the bag is half full
  • Get the kids to write their message on the gift tag, then tie the bags with the gift tag

    Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
    Who's a Clever Girl Then?
  • Voila. The school world, will be your oyster!

So people, here at KSJ, we like to help our junkies not only to look the part, we also like to help them to get them into all the best schools….



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  1. Sarah Hill

    Great idea. We’ve also been making teachers gifts, clay Christmas tree decorations. Not sure we can beat you to teachers pets with all those sweets though!

    • Suki P

      I think anything made by hand with love by the kids is extra appreciated and will definitely result one day in a place at Oxford University! X

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