A playdate with Wovenplay

With everything that’s going on weather-wise in New York, it’s been on my mind. Not that it’s ever off my mind. It’s my sprititual home. Nothing must ruin it!

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
A row of beauty

On my recent tripette there, I met up with the super-cool Katherine Edmonds, owner of Wovenplay. To those who are not familiar with the brand, firstly, it’s probably one of the most editorial, original and beautiful brands for kids, and secondly you’re not my friend.

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
Jess Brown dolls in shrinky-dink Wovenplay!

Visually – it’s novel and playful with a fine art influence. In my un-humble opinion the latest H&M’s latest collaboration with UNICEF – their All For Children line was quite influenced by the style. It injects a bit of fancy dress fun into their everyday clothes.

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
Butt muncher!

I went into the very NERVECENTRE of their operation. Mid fall/winter 2012 shipping time. And even through the chaos they were the best hosts! Look here…

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
My kinda package!

Katherine shared a scoop. For SS13 they will be super-sizing some of their swimsuits and for AW13 their best sellers  – for us! Yes, womenswear’s a comin!

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
Grrrrrrrrreat! Leather Vest.

So there endeth my lesson in NYC chic – mini-stylee.

Wovenplay is available to buy from Orfeo and Couverture. For wholesale enquiries please contact Krystle at Style by Agency.

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