Why Purple Dragon Made Me Green..

So happy birthday again (and again and again OMG does it ever end???) to my girlies. So to celebrate in style (again and again and again!) we took them to Purple Dragon – a luxury family members club in Chelsea for the day.

Busy little birthday bees

And even I was knocked off my (skyscraper heeled) feet. It was A…MAZING. And super duper stylish. Let me share why….

Little pods with leather Le Corbusier loungers for you to block out the world (or your kids..) whist surfing a borrowed iPad. Bliss…..

Your little Chelsea Hideaway

Brilliant indoor play with zip wire and balls that look like pearls. Well ‘tis Chelsea of course….

Zipping around for hours...

A dedicated art room to contain the mess – ditto with the dedicated learning kitchen. And my fave – a dedicated music room where kids can learn anything from Bongo’s to the Electric guitar, and sing along on a mic (which husband tore me away from as it really is for the kids…)

Purple Piano - who knew?

A pool that’s more like a huge rainbow bath – with splash areas for tiny ones.

Peek-a-boo pool

A cafe and library for the grown ups complete with Otto-Lenghi style buffet and Taschen (darlings vvvv stylish) books. BREATHE BREATHE…..An imaginarium……look where they do story-time…

Dedon's take on the hammock!

So a great day was had by all, but the time came for us to venture home.

It's what o'clock?

My ONLY issue with the whole day is that I don’t like being OUT-DESIGNER-HANDBAGGED.  And I was. There. With bells on.

But that’s not why Purple Dragon made me green. Darlings, I’m not talking green in a food sense, or a tree-hugging sense (ugh) but precisely because it is in Chelsea. Which is NOT FAIR! I want one near me NOW NOW NOW!!!! *Stamps said skyscraper-heeled foot*





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