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I recently came across a fab new brand called Kids a Gogo (great name no?) from the US (of-blooming-course!). They do F.A.B. clothes, toys and accessories for girls, boys and babies 0-8 years. So I got busy on their site (they ship internationally) and here are my girls looking mighty fine (of course I’m going to say so myself) in their things…

Kids A GoGo What we Wore Kids Style Kids Fashion (1)
Roxie makes her feelings clear for these clothes....

Minnie wears Amor Top $34.95.

Girls Fashion Kidsagogo

Roxie wears their Jade dress $59.95. And she wears it, and wears it, and wears it. It has become her summer 2013 staple.

Kids A GoGo What we Wore Kids Style Kids Fashion (2)

So there you have it. Posey little twinnies, and fun, classic-with-a-twist, highly wearable clothes. I’m liking their style. Get busy at Kidsagogo.


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  1. Jenny

    Love the green dress with the little pompoms. I’d never heard of Kidsagogo before you blogged about it, so thanks for the heads up – will certainly take a peek!

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