What We Wore

In our house, this is how the weekend goes. Husband parks himself either at some sport or in front of the TV watching some sport. With little other movement. And I rush to classes, parties, food shopping EVERYWHERE in the meantime. Sound familiar?

However, the fun part of the weekend rush was getting the girls dressed up. Both me for, and for them. So here is what they wore to a birthday do…

What We Wore Girls Fashion Kids Clothes
Maybe not for Vogue Bambini

Minnie wore dress Elvire by Quenotte from Everyday Weekend £72 (I hate to say this – but they seem to have increased the price since I bought it – I paid £60!). She has grown too tall for it now – so I improvised with a black tutu underneath so the look wasn’t rude! Tights by J Crew £13.62 – love the teeny-eeny diamond detail. Boots – you can get similar from M&S £18-20.

What We Wore Girls Fashion Kids Clothes
Minnie is going up in the world..

Roxie wore dress by H&M – their All for Children line was a super success and I can see why! Lanvin – eat yer heart out! It has sold out I’m afraid. Not rubbing it in – but it cost me £14! Tights were from Couverture by Hansel by Basel £19. Boots by Next (getting a lot of wear out of these!!) £22-26.

What We Wore Girls Fashion Kids Clothes
Loving the pom pom detail of the tights

Now they do have the same coats – I admit. How could I not. Stylish, fluffy, thermal, paid for by grandma. From J Crew £146. Lollipops from Liberty £2.95. Pouts – priceless.

What We Wore Girls Fashion Kids Clothes
Our Reward for Being Good Girls

So another stylish weekend date done. Stay tuned for our party looks feature coming up soon!


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  1. Cate O'Neill

    Libby would love the Hennes horsey dress! Husbands – just the same in our house! Hope they had a lovely party!

    • Suki P

      Thank you! The horse dress is actually by Quenotte. But I saw something similar will be hitting Tesco for Spring! X

  2. Lottie Simmonds

    You’re the best auntie ever! love you! lottiexxx

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