Super Cute Night-Lights for Babies and Kids

So my girls are 9. And afraid of the dark. “Mumeeee can you close my cupboard doors. All of them. Is it babyish that I think there are monsters inside?” asks Minnie. Err, no. I have NEVER to this day, gone to sleep with a cupboard door or drawer even a tiny bit open.

So as well as closing the doors firmly, my girls need a bit of night-light action in their rooms, to reassure them I guess. This I cannot relate to, I cannot cope with even a tiny chink of light. My friends and family often refer to me as the only person they know who wears an eye mask and ear plugs outside of a plane. But if my girls need something to comfort them at night, they get it. Happy kids, are sleeping kids which equal sleeping parents.

But but BUT, if you are going to do them a night-light, it needs to be stylish. So how delighted was I, to spot these guys..


How cute? These retouch sensor LED night lights by Totoro Alliance. Here are the other colour ways that are equally divine!




They come with a handy USB charging cable, and at night, they look like this. They can be turned brighter or switched off via touch, should that be what is needed.


I’m in. I feel confident that these guys will chase those night-time terrors away by killing them with cuteness. £24.51 from Trendy HQ.Get busy.

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