We Rule for School Cool

So your kids have broken up. No school runs. No lunches to make. No morning rush. Yay! Or it it?

Instead – “Mum, I’m bored” “Mum – what can I do now” “Mum can you help me with making this super complex thing on my Rainbow Loom” “Mum – can you play Monopoly with me” “Mum I’m hungry” “Mum – can you switch the TV on, off, change channels, put a DVD on”…..AAAAAAAAARGH!

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Roll on September I say. So here are THE things you need to give your kids some back to school cool when that J.O.Y.O.U.S. day comes round! Let’s go!

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1. First up is this genius back pack by MadPax – who are just now launching in the UK. My girls have one of these. It’s a piece. Slurple Bubble Full Pack £60 MadPaxWorld. also available at Fenwicks.

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2. Next up is this satchel/back-pack by Miniseri. Already a classic design they have made it even better by enabling you to customise it with resin stickers. The Popular stachel €88.50 Miniseri. The one’s on this bag are a collaboration with one of my pet brands, Atsuyo et Akiko €13 Miniseri.

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3. If you cannot afford the bag – get the resin stickers and use on another bag. With loads of different designs to choose from, it’s a fully customised win win situation! Mood Colour Gumings €13 by Miniseri.

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4. Next up is this edgy little number by mad Dutch company De Kunstboer (the artframer) backpack California €29.95.

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5. Next is this skate satchel is bang on for that Ska8ter boy look. By Le Petit Caramel at My Little Square £48.

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6. Writers-block? Give them an inspirational pencil message! Tiger mother – moi? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Set of 3 pencils by The Carbon Crusader £2.40 Etsy.

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7. How about this pencil case with a bit of ‘tude by brilliant French designer La Cerise sure le Gateau at alexandalexa £23. You say expensive – I say amortise the cost across every minute of the day, and day of the year this baby will get used! Cheap cheap!

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8. How inspired are these wellies? Nothing else to add. Love You Forever boot by Mooi en Lief £39.99.

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9. Hot off the press, these drinks cans are a lunch box MUST! Designed by Beatrix New York  to make younger kids feel part of the ‘Drink from the Can’ more grown-up tribe. Available in the UK at alexandalexa £18.

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10. Last, but so not least, on the subject of lunch – how cool is this  organic cotton lunch bag? Best of all, it can be machine washed. Bye bye caked-on food grime! Talk about Hippy-chic! £16 from Green Tulip.

So there you go. Follow our stylish lead and your kids will definitely be top of the class! Get busy!

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    Excellent post! I am sure my daughter will love some of that.

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