Top 5 Stylish Kids Coat Hooks

Winter’s approaching and that means changes in the house…it’s not just ALL about being cold but also about being prepared for the winter months ahead. Of course the seasonal wardrobe change over must occur…flip flops out and warm jumpers in, heating goes on and the slippers come out etc. But that also means that ANY DAY NOW my kids’ winter coats will appear in a heap at the bottom of the stairs or if I am lucky slung over the bannisters. So here’s the plan…I’m taking a more mature approach to this yearly battle of ‘hang up your coat’ by investing in a stylish coat hook or 20!

Here are my top 5:

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Go all nostalgic with this coat hook from ENO Studio which revisits the fables of our youth with The Raven and the Fox, the Tortoise and the Hare, the Lion and the Rat and the Wolf and the Lamb. Available from Smallable 25 euros each.

For a more playful and industrial look I love this Pipework Coat Rack £125 from Clippings.

The Scoreboard Coat Hanger from Such and Such  £125 is a modern take on the traditional coat hook. It comes with 12 pins in three different lengths that can be moved around. 1 nil to me if this works!


Inspired by neon installations this Hello coat rack by Block Designs £38 makes me smile

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Even the hardiest dog lover might not want these in their hallway but these hooks would look great in a kid’s playroom or bedroom, and at £1 a pop you can’t go wrong. Bastis hooks from IKEA.

So all I have to say now are these wise parting words – winter is coming, prevent coat-gate and get hooked up!

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  1. Surabhi | Third Eye Chic

    All these are great and you especially had me at Hello ; ) Our fall jackets have already started piling up – I am looking at a mount as we speak so this is a great reminder to take control of the messy situation.

    • Suki P

      I’m so happy you liked them! Thank you for your lovely comment x

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