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Fancy bucking up your kids’ rooms for summer without spending big bucks? I bring you my Top 10 kids home accessories to spruce up their bedrooms for summer. Let’s go!

1. This Fairtrade length of crocheted wire can be moulded into any word or shape you like, for example hello, play, cool … the list is endless. Put up on the wall or on a shelf to add a splash of colour, the one metre length makes 3-4 letter words. I’m thinking SHHH!  This Modern Life £7.50.

top 10 under £10 home accessories zara ika

2. I hate mess. Children = Mess. Tidy things away stylishly with these brilliant Stickat baskets (set of 2) £7 Ikea.


3. These garlands are basically made of card but for such a tiny price they really add something glittery and special to your kids rooms. My Little Day €9.


4. How many times do I say “Just be nice….”. Simple yet smart! This print is from Not on the High Street and designed by Rory and the Bean £10


5. Toy tidy from Smallable £6.48. Depending on what you want hidden away these cool recyclable bags come with different labels like ‘stuff’, ‘clothes’ and ‘do it yourself’!.

top 10 under £10 home accessories ikea smallable hm

6. How cute is this Baby Rabbit Night Light from Smallable £5.67 to shine a little light in the room. Sure to take away any night-time terrors from your terrors!



7. POW! Cushion from H&M £5. Throw a bit of sunshine yellow on the bed to brighten up any room.

pow cushion

8. For those of you who love to add a nostalgic twist to your modern home these are a winner. Lapin and Me have introduced these cutie collectables to their range. They are being produced in the same Tokyo factory that first launched them back in the 70s. LOVE! £4.95-£5.75.


9. Another retro design from the 70s. This Norsu Elephant Box from Omm Designs from Molly Meg £8.50. Available in 9 colours. It’s for saving for the sunshine!

norsu elephant money box

10. How about this little guy? The Original Dandy Kid by Julie Staite. The Dandy Kid £10.


All stylish and all under £10…you’re welcome. x

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