Cushion the Blow

Oh I do so hate November. What a total bunch of MISERABLE. Dark, cold, illness illness everywhere, dog pooh lurking under leaves UGH. I need something soft and squidgy to make me feel better. And far less calorific than Marshmallow, is a bit of cushion action. Let’s go!


This cloud cushion makes my rainy day! £35 by Rume.


And whilst we’re there, check this Techno Ghetto Blaster one. Hip. Hop. Top. £40 Rume.

Zara Kids Gold Star Cushion

This gets a gold start from me. Zara Home Kids £19.99.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living is one brand I have an addiction to. It’s super simple and super stylish home products are true winners. This Village Cushion is €26.

Ben de Lisi Debenhams Cushion

Never a truer word erm..spoken! By Ben de Lisi from Debenhams £20.


This cushion by Lucky Boy Sunday is a piece. Not cheap – but with this – you don’t need much else in a room! By Molly-Meg £70.

Couverture & The Garbstore Oeuf NYC cushion

One of your 5 a day! By the amazing Oeuf. £55 from the fabulous Couverture & The Garbstore.

Fine Little Day Little Baby Company

The Little Baby Company have sooo many things I want to get pregnant for. Including this One Fine Day Splash Cushion £42.


Zero calorie chocolate. My kinda thing. I personally have two of these cushions. They are F.A.B. £24.99 from The Stateside Candy Co – home of all amazing American Products and the nemesis of my thighs…

H&M Guitar Cushion

And last, but in no way least – loving this great value rocker cushion from H&M £14.99.

So my lovely junkies, I hope in some way – I’ve cushioned the blow of this horrible season for you. Unfortunately, my KIDS STYLE SUPER POWERS don’t stretch to changing seasons. Well…apart from in my wardrobes….







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