Forget damp mince pies in a church hall. The people at Kasimira plan the most high-end, lavish festivities in all of London and even abroad if you would like them to. So who better to give us their top 10 kids Xmas party tips? Here at KSJ – we only like to bring our Junkies the very best! Let’s go….

1. Theme

Who said a party could only have one theme? Couple ‘Christmas’ with another favourite kid’s party theme to make your party stand out. Some of our favourite combinations are; Animal Farm at Christmas, The Circus at Christmas, Peter Pan’s Christmas, Christmas Disco, A Vintage Christmas.

2. Invites

Think outside the box for you party invitations. How about getting the children to write a personalised letter to Santa for each guest, wishing for them to come to the party as an invitation? Or instead of a paper invite, write the party invitations on something Christmassy such as a bauble, snow globe or snowflake, or attached the party details on with a tag and ribbon.

3. Room Decoration

Decoration is key to enhancing the theme for any party and with the festive season being all about family, get creative with your little ones (and big ones!) and make some Christmas balloons for decorating the party room (hanging tissue paper pom poms and hiding a bubble machine are also great decoration ideas!).

4. Table Decoration

Bring the festive theme to the kids table and make it the focus point of the party. Decorations can be home-made, collected or borrowed and these ideas can make a scene that really tells a story. Collect pine cones and twigs, borrow tree decorations such as crowns and snowflakes, hide some mini model polar bears and reindeer and dust with artificial snow!

5. Activities

Set up themed workshops for the kids to get creative together. Some of our favourite ideas are; mini pine cone Christmas tree making, Christmas cookie decorating and write a letter to Santa! Not only will the kids be kept busy but they will also have something lovely to take home at the end of the party (or post to Santa!) that they have made themselves.

6. Food Boxes

Why not do something different from the traditional sit down tea or buffet table for this year’s Christmas party? Food boxes are a lovely (and less messy!) alternative to present kids’ party food. They can come in bespoke designs to fit your theme and the kids love the novelty of discovering their party food inside their own little box!

7. Themed Food

We believe it’s the little touches that make all the difference. So, with creative and stylish food becoming more and more trendy, get the cookie cutters and kids ready and make these festive themed treats together.

8. The Cake

What’s a party without a cake? We work with some incredible cake makers to design and make the most amazing looking and delicious themed cakes for any occasion. They can be made in all shapes, sizes and flavours, here’s a little taster…

9. Other Sweet Treats

There are so many alternatives (or additions!) to a celebration cake… themed cupcakes, magic cakes, cake pops, cookie bouquets, sweet trees, chocolate fountains and food tricycles are always big hits at Kasimira Kids Parties.

10. Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are a lovely touch and needn’t cost the earth. We love these personalised eco-friendly goodie bags that are always a hit among the kids too! Fill each one with a treat/gift, such as; a gingerbread man, candy cane, snow globe, wish list for Santa, pack of crayons, spinning top and other traditional little toys. Or for a more festive display, use a peg to hang a mini filled stocking (or a Christmas sock!) from a line of twine instead.

So people – we have given you the tips and the tools to create a fahhhbulous kids Christmas party. Make. It. Happen. Stylishly.

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