New Kids App. Toca Life Vacation by Toca Boca

I have a confession to make: I love kids apps, they are a type of meditation for me. Maybe because they make me feel smart or maybe because they are so fun! Toca Boca’s new app Toca Life: Vacation is the fourth instalment brought to us from the Toca Life series, which allows children to live a Mini-Me version of ‘adult life’ – but without the stresses and strains of course!

Toca Life Vacation Characters

In this app you are able to go on holiday, experiencing everything from airport security to the sand between your toes – check the trailer out…

There are four different locations in which your child can enjoy the vacation experience: Airport, Hotel, Beach, and Sightseeing! There are some really great features within this game like being able to take photos, dig for treasure, and my personal favourite – eating at a buffet.

I love the eclectic choice of new characters that you can choose to build your story with. I mean – who wouldn’t want to sunbathe next to a pineapple?

The game is incredibly engaging and fun with the added classic Toca Boca bonus of there being NO in-app purchases! Rejoice parents who have turned their back for 3 seconds only to return to a £20 purchase on ‘My Singing Monsters’.


Toca Life: Vacation is available to buy on the App Store for £2.49. Now that is a bargain for hours of fun for your kids and as a result, hours of peace for you. You are welcome!

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