New App Launch! Toca Lab

So today I give you with a win win idea for an Xmas prezzie. Toca Boca – the worlds leading digital toy developer, has just released its new app – Toca Lab.

Toca Boca Toca Lab New App iOS Devices Xmas Present (6)

Here’s why it’s win win. Assuming someone in your family has an iThis or iThat or Android device, Kindle, blah blah – you know the drill – it’s super cheap £1.99 and produces hours of fun. AND AND AND it also stops them making lotions and potions and experiments in your lovely house. WIN WIN WIN. Look here…

This is one for aspiring scientists to explore concepts like consistency, temperature, blending things together and using different types of energy with small experiments using elements from the periodic table. Better that than your dressing table! There’s even a Bunsen Burner! I remember hours of fun with one of those at school – which usually resulted in some form of detention…

Toca Boca Toca Lab New App iOS Devices Xmas Present (5)

So if you want to inspire the fruit of your loins into getting themselves an ‘ology’ – this is one for you! Available now from iTunes £1.99.

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