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Now I don’t know about you, but in our household, we’ve been counting down to the London Olympics, like ALL my husband’s life! Anyone who thinks he’s hard done by with my handbag ‘habit’ needs to know quite how much he has managed to find to spend on tickets…..

London 2012 Olympic Logo
Logo....not a fan....definitely not medal winning

Anyhow, stuff him, the performances, medals etc. Let’s focus on STYLE! Three über designers are designing for their teams for the Olympics. Ralph Lauren for Team USA, Stella McCartney for Team GB and Giorgio Armani for Team Italia.

So, not to be outdone, I bring you a around-up of stylish sports looks for your own little Olympians. Now I’m not going all Union Jack on you – I already did that with my Jubilee Crown Duels post and that hurt. So, ready, steady, go…..

AND AND AND – we don’t stop there. No Siree. Here for you is a BRILLIANT map guiding you to all the Olympics venues….click to enlarge

Olympic Venues in London map by

So there you go. Leave him indoors watching the kayaking finals whilst you get busy online with my tips. Your kids will win a GOLD MEDAL for sure in the style stakes.

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