The Crown Duels

So in case you’ve been living on Mars – it’s the Queen’s Jubilee coming up. And with it comes an extra day off, street parties, lots of themed eats and treats. A real Brit-fest. Hoorah? I’m not really into the whole Queen thing – sorry, maybe it’s because as a drama queen, much as I try, I don’t get any special treatment. NOT FAIR….

Royal calories

Anyway, let’s get in the mood with some good looks. But let’s start with the fact that a Union Jack on any clothes is generally a bad look. But at the risk of committing treason, we shall proceed! I love this tee by Stardust Kids. Frankly if you’re going to do the whole Juby thing, do it with a bit of ‘tude. £14.99.

Stardust Kids Tee

This American Outfitters short-sleeved polo shirt is über. €50 from Little Fashion Gallery.

American Outfitters Polo

And I’m also loving this tee. It’s all about the Royals after-all. From Little Fashion Gallery €30.

American Outfitters Tee

So for the girlies. Nothing can beat this sequined crowning glory made specially for Selfridges’ Big British Shop by ilovegorgeous. It is a PIECE! At a price £225! An heirloom me thinks. I would pair it with baseball boots to edge it up a bit.

ilovegorgeous dress

Feeling these Union Jack sequined baseball boots from Next £17-20. And oh so thrifty – you can wear these to celebrate the Olympics too!

Sequinned baseball boots

Ditto these sunglasses by Zoobug from Alex and Alexa. Officially made for the Olympics – would also work at treat at the Juby. £20 and with 100% UV protection a stylish, practical winner.

Zoobug shades

So people, that’s my round-up. No excuses for a bad Juby look now, or….it will be OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

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