Technology Will Save Us : Mover Kit for Kids

Getting kids moving these days can be difficult, especially with the lure of their iThis and iThat which keep their butts firmly planted on the sofa. So when I first saw the Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us, I was elated, finally a fun and clever way to kids programming their very own wearable tech to hopefully result in some exercise and movement!


Mover Kit was created by Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann, two parents who launched their tech start-up company Technology Will Save Us with the aim to educate kids in a hands-on and creative way. Mover Kit essentially allows children to build and programme their own toy to react to different kinds of movement with light shows. The kit comes with everything your little engineer needs to put on a fabulous display, including a slap wristband which transforms the toy into a piece of wearable tech.


Perhaps I’d run more if my Fitbit put on a light show to congratulate me? Hmm…


Technology Will Save Us have also created an app to work alongside the Mover Kit, where the kids (or adults) can programme the light shows and learn about coding and the tech itself. Co-founder Bethany Koby says “Mover Kit is about educating kids through play and also addressing the ever-present problem of our gender gap.” I think this point is great, encouraging both girls and boys to be confident and comfortable in electronics and engineering is so important for the future.


The mover kit will be able to purchase from here and in-store at Harrods from October, just in time for Christmas! It retails at £50 and if it’s success on it’s Kickstarter is anything to go by, I’d get moving!

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  1. Julia

    This item is so clever, thank you for this inspiring gifting tip – perfect for my kids’ Christmas

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