Vans X Nintendo

Yes, people – it’s another amazing Vans Collaboration. Last time it was all about Junk Food. And now, one of its famous partners in crime – the humble video game. I bring you Vans X Nintendo.


Vans celebrates the early days of video games with a truly unique collaboration featuring 8-bit artwork from Nintendo’s iconic personalities.


These one-of-a-kind graphic prints include characters from Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda, in addition to a capsule inspired by Nintendo’s rst console, the NES.



Rooted in footwear and extended into apparel items, this coveted collection covers adult and children’s sizing, making it ideal for Vans and Nintendo fans of all generations.


Look the part and get involved – or you know, it’s GAME OVER stylewise. Kids sizes 10 Junior to 5, all £32 Vans.

Cos Unisex Sneaker for Adults and Kids

You’ve gotta love COS. It’s like a poor mans Marni, Acne or Prada, or in my case both. It’s amazing for women’s and men’s fashion and I can tell you has led to many a compliment for me. Especially from my husband. Financially speaking I mean.

As regards the kidswear, I think it is pretty unrivalled for style per pound anywhere on the high street. The only issue with it, is that it only caters for kids up to 8 years old. And mine are 9. Major boo-hoo. Anyhow, imagine my excitement when they told me they were launching their first Unisex and Uniage shoe. One fit for men, women and kids. Look here…


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Style Spotter – Mamma, Pappa and Baby Bear

This is a style spotter for all the family! As we all know, sneakers are in the fashion spotlight – with everyone, from the classic Nike’s to Chanel, getting in on the action.

Aigle Fashion Trainers Sneakers Kids Womens Mens Accessories (1)

Aigle is an iconic French (chic bien sur) Heritage brand most famous for their wellies. They’ve also been producing sneakers since long, long, long before they ever had a fashion moment.  Now, their iconic 80’s mens fashion trainer has been redesigned to create Aigle Yarden Time – retro-cool for the whole family.

Aigle Fashion Trainers Sneakers Kids Womens Mens Accessories (2)

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Style Spotter – Spot On Dot On

After Xmas overindulgence to a whole new level of overindulgence – I am on a mission to get fit. ISH. As long as it doesn’t involve any exercise and is purely massage based. Preferably with chocolate.

But let’s pretend I’m in the market for sports gear. And of course – always looking for my girls. Combine the two and check these babies out…

H&M Kids Sneakers High Tops (3)

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