Dolls are for life not just for Xmas

Very shortly, Xmas, and it’s associated presents and overeating will be upon us. But like dogs, dolls are for life not just for Xmas.

Petalina Dolls Kids Testing Dolls

So a while back you will have seen that my girls have become gainfully employed by the doll emporium of emporiums Petalina. Now it’s all very well accepting a job – but it’s appraisal time! How are they doing? Are they good mummies? More importantly, how are their dolls doing? Are they good daughters? Let’s check…

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Make Mine a Guinness

Sometimes I just love my job. And sometimes, erm…a weeny bit less so. The great part is getting out there, seeing amazing things, meeting amazing people, and of course, shopping.

And the worst part is meeting models who are mums, and beautiful and businesswomen and lovely AND make me ever so slightly sick. I did it with Jools Oliver, and now with the fabulous Jasmine Guinness.

Honeyjam Kids Toy Shop
This is not her.....

I met her at her gorgeous traditional toyshop called Honeyjam to chat Christmas present buying tips, motherhood and modelling! All brought to you, wrapped up in an exclusive video interview. Let’s see what she has to say…

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Zero Calorie Ice-Cream

Made you look! Dream on darlings – not to ingest! I’m not a magician! Nothing that’s yummy is zero calories. Having said that……

Ice Cream Dress Up Costume
Good enough to eat!

However, I would like to help you on the way to a better summer with a round-up of stylish ice-cream accessories. Now look here….this, is the real deal

Ice Cream Cone
Yum Yum...

And these are not…

Kids accessories Ice Cream Necklace
Oh so cool. Literally. Love this ice cream necklace! By Chicki £9.95


Kids Accessories Ice Cream Hair Clips
How could anyone resist these ice-cream cone clips? £4.95 from Chicki


Kids Accessories Ice Cream Moccis
Ice cream Moccis from Barnyard Kids £19.99. Brill chill!
Kids Home Accessories Ice Cream Light
These lights are da LICK! And made for energy saving bulbs! £40 from Alex Garnett
These ice cream lip gloss pens are LICKETY SPLIT and only £2.77 from Find Me a Gift
Kids Toys Ice Cream Scoop Set
This ice cream scoop set by Melissa and Doug NOM NOM £17.11 Amazon


So there you go my lovelies. No summer, no calories, no problemo…