Festival Chic

I am not going to lie to you. I am not a festival goer. Too old. Too fussy. Too scared of creepy crawlies scuttling across my face at night – or possibly dangling into my mouth – aaaaargh. But but but – what I do like, is shopping. So I bring you my top 10 Festival picks! Let’s go…

1. The beginning of any great kids outfit is Smalls. Made with super soft Merino Wool – don’t freak – keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and best of all can be worn for days on end without  smelling. Spot on for festivals I say! Vest £26.95.


2. With the glorious British weather, one cannot take a risk. You need a showerproof option! But it needs to be stylish of course. If the weather gives you lemons – your girl is well catered for with this little number by Next from £28.

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A pop of pastel!

SPRING is in the air. It’s that time of year when we throw open our windows and brighten our houses with spring flowers. Suddenly, everything is blush, rose, baby pink, mint green or lemon sorbet yellow –  think candy necklaces. It’s time to get busy in your kids rooms with our Top 10 pastel pieces….


Even though this trend opens up the inner girly girl in me – we don’t wish to turn our homes into twee sugar plum fairy palaces!  So here’s a KSJ TIP for working with pastels: to keep your look sophisticated and contemporary, only use one or two pastel pieces but keep the rest of the room neutral, using complementary shades of soft grey, blue, white, metallics and natural wood. Like this amazing example from Eclectic Trends

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I can sing a rainbow

It’s that time of year again. Rain. Cold. Miserable. Crying kids every morning. Or maybe that’s just mine? So I wanted to brighten up your days with a trend that is big this Spring for our little people – Rainbows. Let’s go!

Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (3)
Pretty-yes. But remember that post Xmas cellulite….

First up a special rainbow mention must go to Jools Oliver’s Little Bird collection for Mothercare. It’s rainbowtastic, and fantastic. Love this sweatshirt! From £10 Mothercare.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (1)

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Top 10 Gifts for Mothers Day yay!

364 days a year it’s ALL about them. Let’s make this one day about US for once you gorgeous MOTHER PUKKA’S. We who laid back and thought of England (or Selfridges if you’re me), got impregnated, sick, spotty, moody (more than normal), stretched, cut, birthed, stitched, then bathed, fed, weaned, got puked on, woken up, school run…..IT. NEVER. STOPS! 

Mothers Day Gift Edit
Ring a BELL?

I bring you a Top 10 for YOU! Print it and leave it gently on his pillow or shove it in his face. Whatever is takes for him to get the HINT! Let’s go!

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