Holidaying in Style with Heidi Klein

Switch that baby brain on and cast your mind back to those heady days of summer. Remember – the warm breeze, brushing against your tanned, toned skin? OK – my baby brain took me into Kate Moss’ body – I’ll correct that – remember the warmth of the sun on your skin? The sand, the sea, the s…..creaming kids?

Stylish. Synchronised. Sisters. Splash. Actually…splat! But we don’t need to see that…

Well, today whilst we can’t make the sun warm and shine BUT we can give you some great style tips for next summer. That’s because today, we interview Heidi Gosman from heidi klein and let me tell you – she OWNS summer holiday style!


In 2002 Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein launched heidi klein one stop holiday shop in London’s Westbourne Grove. From this, they have grown to a second store and a super successful own-brand that sells in over 150 stores in 39 countries globally. Celebrity fans include Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Aniston. And crucially, for us Kid Style Junkies, last year, they launched a collection for girls age 2-12Y and now, they have launched a line for boys – which takes inspiration from classic all American resorts such as Key West, Newport Beach, Long Island, and Cape Cod.

I wanted to know more more MORE…so I asked her…

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Kitty Cookies

Now I am neither a cat person, nor a master baker (frankly not any type of baker actually) – yet somehow these cookies turned me into a bit of both! Check it…


Yes – I am rather chuffed with myself. And with my step by step tutorial you can join me in smug-baker world with my Kitty Cookies!

Let us get down to baking business.

You Will Need:

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Top 10 Holiday Essentials Under £10

It’s summer summer summer tiiiime.

Yay. School is out for some unlucky mothers and will be shortly for those luckier ones. And those who are as organised about summer holidays as me – i.e. not organised – I bring you my Top 10 holiday essentials for the under 10’s for under £10. Let’s go!

These palm print canvas shoes are a total must! From £7 George at Asda.

top 10 kids summer holiday essentials

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Back to Cool

This year has simply whizzed by! The end of term, and end of the school year is nigh. We are ageing. It’s not good. But let’s get those kids a great schoolbag scenario to make sure they are top of the class (at least stylistically speaking!) when they go back to school. Here are my top picks! Oh and we have one amazing backpack, also owned by Victoria Beckham, to give away. Read on for details….

1. How ridiculously cool is this backpack? Like a cartoon bag come to life! Talk about a standout, jealous-making, conversation starting piece! Adventure backpack €100 Jump from Paper.

Back to school kids satchel

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Style Spotter – Wimbledon

Wimbledon has started and it has inspired me for a post. I have to admit – I’m not a good watcher of the game. Something about it sends me to sleep.

Could it be the hypnotic back and forth of the balls? Could it be the Pimms? Could it be I prefer to play, rather than spectate? Could it be me not coping with quite how bad my kids are, and how they have shattered my dreams of them being the next best thing to the Williams sisters? On court all my kids seem to do is swat flies with their racquets and never make contact with the ball.


And breathe. Still hurts. But I’m damned if they can’t look the part! Cue Chateau de Sable.

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