Studio delle Alpi

I love a bit of brand spotting. I love a stylish kids room. So I am loving the simplicity of this amazing kids furniture brand Studio delle Alpi. Created by Anne Kieffer, a product designer and Arnaud Mouriamé, a graphic designer. They both share the same passion for wood, simplicity and amusing things.

studio delle alpi storage box kids rooms furniture decor

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Tobias and the Bear

Check out this stylish bedding from new company Tobias and the Bear. Tired of the endless sea of pinks and blues, they were inspired to create something a little bit more edgy. They say they had boys and tomboys in mind whilst designing!


It’s futuristic, geometric and COOL. My favourites styles are Just Call Me Fox.

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Style Spotter – Back to Rule

I’m not going to inundate you with too much Back to School. Actually, I am. OK, maybe just one more thing. And trust me – this is one absolute MUST! Who had one of these as a kid?


I present the Carnival Pop Out Case. It has a calculator, pop-out sharpener and a load of secret compartments and doors that pop out!

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Style Spotter – Wimbledon

Wimbledon has started and it has inspired me for a post. I have to admit – I’m not a good watcher of the game. Something about it sends me to sleep.

Could it be the hypnotic back and forth of the balls? Could it be the Pimms? Could it be I prefer to play, rather than spectate? Could it be me not coping with quite how bad my kids are, and how they have shattered my dreams of them being the next best thing to the Williams sisters? On court all my kids seem to do is swat flies with their racquets and never make contact with the ball.


And breathe. Still hurts. But I’m damned if they can’t look the part! Cue Chateau de Sable.

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