So Cool for Back to School

If I had a penny for every back to school post/article/anything I have received – I’d have far more Chanel bags than I do. The kids haven’t even gone back – and already I’m SOOOO over the whole thing.

back to school

Or so I thought. You see, my fabulous blog pal in NYC Style Mama spotted these cool bags and I wanted to share them with my gorgeous Junkies.

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Style Mama NYC Guest Post

A few months ago – I pinned an amazing image of a supa-fly-guy onto my Pinterest boards. I haven’t ever seen such a naturally cool kid. So imagine my delight when a few weeks later, I was contacted by the originator of this look – Courtney, who writes a style spotting blog called Style Mama NYC. And today – she writes for me and my Junkies!


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