Kids Ergo

One of my pet hates is rocking back and forward on a chair…. OMG it literally drives me crazy. I turn into an evil monster almost wishing the chair will tip over already to teach them a lesson. So imagine my dilemma when it turns out that “active sitting” (or rocking as we know it) can actually increase concentration. Mmmm!

ergoergo-rocking-stool-good-posture-bright-colours-ergonomic (4)

Introducing ErgoErgo a revolutionary seating concept combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design. It encourages children to perform controlled ‘micro-movements’ whilst they are sitting, which improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain – increasing their concentration by an average of 17%. Now that’s great news….I’m thinking of better homework, more focused eating, god forbid maybe a bit more listening even? 

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Just Chilling..

I don’t know about you, but my life is exhausting. I’m the family slave, chauffeur, cook, therapist, teacher, nurse, PA, manicurist, groomer, hairdresser – the list is endless. And my little pampered pooches – school, activities, homework, more homework and an exhausting social schedule. Life is tiring. They need a stylish place to rest their little feet. To that end – whether you call them pouffes, bean bags or floor cushions – these small pieces of furniture give them a stylish place to flop.


1. These super-fun mountain pouffes by Little Red Stuga have patterns and decorations that are accurate to the specific mountain they represent. (Educational and stylish?!) These details are intended to be discovered through climbing and play. And if you look hard you can see tribal masks and animal silhouettes between the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro. Fine Little Day from €249.

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The Chair Necessities..

Let’s talk about BOTTOMS, bums, bot-bots, butts, rear end’s, gluteus maximus’ – whatever other strange names you call it. It needs something stylish to perch on, so to that END (see what I did there?) – I bring you my edit of stylish kids chairs….

This woven chair for inside or outside by Edgemont Toys is SUPERLICIOUSLY divine! from My Little Square. €58.

Woven Chair by Edgemont Toys

This orange oversized teacup stool is just my cup of tea! £145 Hunky Dory Home.

Teacup Stool

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Balance Boredom with Fun at Mealtimes

With this bad boy. Oh yes sirree. I want one, need one, have to have one NOW NOW NOW!

So civilised

Marleen Jansen’s Courtesy Table (or seesaw table to you and me…) premiered during Milan Design Week 2012. And oh what a fun piece it is.

Sod the manners this is a LARF!

‘Tis conceptual for now – but by Lordy Lordy I want it in production. Who cares what the price is – a larf at otherwise boring mealtimes is PRICELESS!

Images by Wim de Leeuw.


Spot the Difference!

I can be thrifty, kids. I know you all think its all SPEND SPEND SPEND. Well it is. BUT, I do so love a bargain. And lookey what we have here. The Vitra Junior Panton Chair. Well, one is, and costs £129 and one isn’t and costs £30.

Let’s play….

Chair 1

Vitra Junior Panton Chair?

Chair 2

Vitra Junior Panton Chair?

Oooooooooh a tricky one. I’ll tell you what, so as not to overload our tiny post baby minds – I will give you the answer. The real deal is…..chair 2. And therefore the real DEAL is chair 1 – from Next! Enjoy!