My oldest friend had a baby yesterday. Her first. A boy.

So here I am, doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, and I am BAFFLED as to what to get her. A) Because she means a lot to me and so will the baby (once past the crying all the time stage – maybe nearer toddler age then – but that’s by the by) and B) doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, it is expected to be something good, something cool and something different. So this is what I am getting her.


Fave brand of the blog Noodoll have teamed up with another fave brand of the blog Petites Pattes, to launch a new exclusive gift set especially for babies from newborn to one year old. We shall call it A Box of Excruciating Womb-aching Cuteness. Petites Pattes make colourful and unique baby socks in a range of cool designs. Petite Pattes means ‘small paws’ in case, like me, you were wondering.

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Stylish Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Now I know there is a growing movement about women choosing not to be a mother. There are benefits to not being a mother. Let’s explore a few..

Sleep. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Not needing to wipe any bottom – except your own. Your hands – soft – not rough and aged from washing them after touching aforementioned bottoms or grimy kids hands. No one walking in whilst you grab 5 seconds to actually go to the loo screaming “Mummmaaaaay Roxie hitttttt meeeeeeeeee”. Your car, clean – smells fresh – not full of crumbs, vomit or smeary finger-marks. Your jeans, without knee-holes from bending down to pick up someone elses mess. Your tops – embellished with sequins – not drops of baby vomit or smeared toddler food. Your hair – blow dried to within an inch if it’s life – not one hair out of place – and not pulled or so greasy you could cook chips in it. The food you cook, remains on a plate – not liberally littered around the kitchen, getting into places you didn’t even know existed. Your cutlery, gets used – you never have to witness the grossness of eating rice with fingers.  Your cloakroom, has coats hanging in it – as opposed to strewn all over the floor after a day of school. Your Sky Box not full to capacity with CBeebies, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network horrors. Your treat cupboard. What treat cupboard – who can have treats around and keep THIS body looking THIS good? Oh about THE body – no stretch marks, no empty pouches for breasts, no cuts, no stitches, no flapping, overstretched lady-bits. Yes, there are many, many benefits.

BUT, and this is a GIANT BUT – the cuddles, the love, the innocence, the cute things they say, the way they look adoringly at you (unless you have told them off) and much more more MORE – I’m pleased I choose motherhood. Well, either way, I’m knee-deep in it now….

Seriously though – I wouldn’t change it for the world. So to that end Mammas, let us be celebrated on our one day this year – Mother’s Day. And here’s what I propose you deserve.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

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Are You Ready To Play for Free This Xmas?

The big Christmas build up has begun. I’ve started with my Top 10 Stylish Xmas Kids Gifts. I actually had a complaint about the prices of some of my choices. You know the type. OK – I get it, Xmas can be very expensive and let’s face it – kids more often than not either (a) prefer the packaging to the gift or (b) play with the gift obsessively for a few days and then it goes into the toy cupboard, along with last year’s latest and greatest gifts, to die.

So in the spirit of Xmas and giving – today I am both giving you a great idea for a Xmas present, but I also have 3 of these things to give away. What you may say? Coloud The Boom Kids Headphones people. Look here…

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

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North East South West Turns One

Oh I do so love a splurge! ESPECIALLY when I’m spending someone else’s money and they have pots and pots of it! So I simply HAD to mark the first birthday of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s daughter North West, so I could have some fun selecting my Top 5 of the most outrageously expensive gifts, that may or may not have been on her gift list. Lets go!


Let’s kick off with this Stevenson dappled grey rocking horse from favourite posh shop of mine Harrods. A snip at £5,000.

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