Little Lulubel

So another year – another birthday party. This year – the girls (lord help me for the future) asked for a pamper party.

One decision I made last year after going (online) around the world, driving myself mad to get cool plates, going home presents etc – was to go to a party store that can get the whole lot for me. So I can have my feet up and feel pampered myself!

Enter Little Lulubel, a one stop party store online to take away the stress of kids’ party planning. They have put together a selection of well designed, co-ordinated and stylish party kits to choose from and it’s all just a click away.

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Know Your Party Dressing ABC’s

There is no better opportunity to dress them kids up than the impending party season. Here are some top party styling tips by a brilliant fashionista who is very young, skinny and clever – – that I have written from the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine. Check it…

Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips
Click to enlarge and then click to enlarge again!

Like a Christmas canapé – that was just a little taster! For the full article – get your mitts on the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine out now for the full alphabet of kids party styling!
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Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips (2)

Now you have no excuses ever for a bad party look!

How to Halloween in Style

Stylistically speaking – I can juuuuuust about cope with Halloween – I mean its orange and black – my two favourite colours – and it’s all about sweets, my favourite things to eat. However *intake of breath through teeth* it’s not exactly the most stylish festival in the world – unless you know where to look.

And that’s where we come in. To guide you into style.

And today – we do it with the help of super stylish emporium Carousel. Here are the owner Charlotte’s tips for a ghoulish yet stylish ‘do’ – complete with revolting eyeball jelly and creepy crawly spiders. Over to you Charlotte…

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Sweetie Pop Heaven

I’m in love. Now before you’re all sick with jealousy – not with my HUSBAND – he’s *rotates hand in a comme ci comme ça way*. And no – I’m not having an affair. People, I’m in love with a website. Called Carousel. Look look look…

Carousel Store Screen Shot
Bye bye pink and blue party TUT!

The site owned by Charlotte Saye was born out of a need to find stylish yet affordable party pieces and gifts, after having son Fynn. With design-led decorations, tableware and themed party kits a plenty – it’s a prerequisite for a SENSATIONAL event!

AND AND AND today she is sharing a post she has written about how to make these gorgeous Sweetie Pops that look so smart and are super simple to do. I hand you over to Charlotte.

Marshmallow Pops

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It’s Party Time for Boys!

Now all mothers of boys lament how much harder it is to find cool stuff for them. Awwwww. I agree. But then….TA DAAAAH! I came along and will sort you all right out! Here are our top picks for a no excuses good BOYS look over Xmas and New Year.

1. Let’s kick off with this fab navy velvet slim cut blazer from H&M £19.99. It’s a winner.

Top 10 Boys Christmas Party Fashion

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