Tutu Du Monde – Girls Halloween Collection

Halloween is almost here! And for those of you who find yourself supergluing a misshapen bat wing onto an old gym t-shirt the night before Halloween, this post is a warning to you – be prepared!  Now, I am not criticizing homemade costumes – if you can do it and do it well, I raise my glass to you! But for the rest of us, buying is the only way.


Why leave Halloween costumes to the last minute when you can simply order them online now and let the stress melt away? That is what I plan on doing, and Tutu Du Monde‘s beautiful Halloween collection is where I shall start, and probably end my browsing!

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Top Ten Kids Stylish Xmas Party Fashion

Oh I do so love a bit of dress up. Not that itchy scratchy flammable rubbish they like to float around and play pretend in – but as in really dress up – party clothes. And Xmas is the perfect time for you to say no no NO to vile festive jumpers with all their lights, appliqué and vomit inducing grossness and make that effort. Here are my sparkly top picks whatever your budget!

I can sing a rainbow. Frankly I’ll sing for anything and anyone for this dress. I saw it at the trade shows and it’s my dream girls’ party dress. By Preen Mini from Alex and Alexa £350. Expensive I know – but look at it! We can dream…


Glitter effect sparkle boots yes yes YES M&S from £26. Add these to any outfit and your girl is party ready.

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Know Your Party Dressing ABC’s

There is no better opportunity to dress them kids up than the impending party season. Here are some top party styling tips by a brilliant fashionista who is very young, skinny and clever – erm..moi – that I have written from the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine. Check it…

Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips
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Like a Christmas canapé – that was just a little taster! For the full article – get your mitts on the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine out now for the full alphabet of kids party styling!
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Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips (2)

Now you have no excuses ever for a bad party look!

What We Wore – Smarty Pants

We all like to dress up. God knows my kids do. They go over to a friends house – or their friends come to ours. Within about 30 seconds – they’re all down to their knickers and busy in the dress up drawer. Always.

Kids Dress Up Clothes

But today – I’m talking about dressing up – in the – wow what an effort way – rather than a cheap, itchy, tacky, princess-dress way.

Over the summer – we’ve had a few ‘do’s so I thought I would share what the girls wore – as I was rather happy with how they scrubbed up! Here we go..

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