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Apart from when my husband pushes his luck with his sport – it’s not often that I put my serious face on. Of course not frowning – who needs those lines – but serious nonetheless. Today, I am. Kids parties are a wonderful, special occasion – I mean look back to see quite how seriously I take mine.

Giant Balloons

However, the one thing I really don’t like at kids parties, apart from snotty, sticky fingered kids, is the HUUUUUUUUUGE pile of gifts – often of SHI tut, that the kids can’t cope with, and nor can the mums.

Drowning in tut...

It was this that inspired me, when my girls turned two, to ask for donations to Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity from the party-goers in lieu of gifts, by creating a Celebration Page. You see, one of my twins has had two very minor procedures at GOSH and when you go there – and hopefully you won’t ever have to, it is THE most humbling experience.

This just 'aint my style...

Now I REALLY hate to sound like a right-on hippy do-gooder but, to me, it’s a no-brainer – I mean ask yourself how many times you’ve had a £10 plastic piece of tut that the kid has no interest in. Look, I can do maths. Add up those £10 gifts, and before you know it – you can have raised over £200 for GOSH.  And if five mums thought ‘that’s yet another great idea by SukiP’ – without blinking they will have raised £1,000 for the charity.

Go on! Let's help!

A few of my pals have followed my lead and together, over the years, we have raised over £4,000. The kids love doing it – they get a certificate “and EVEWYFING”.

Ugh - sweaty....WHY?

It’s a WIN WIN situation people – you’ve got less rubbish in the house, your kids learn about kids less fortunate than themselves and GOSH get a donation. No running, no hair-cutting, no growing moustaches or any other ridiculous things you do for charity. Easy-peasy.

Everyone loves a party

And I have one just for yooooo. You’re cordially invited to the LAUNCH PARTY of  the Uppababy Cruz stroller and the Bloom Fresco Chrome high chair at fabulous store Huggle . Look here:

Stroll in style
Make a mess in style

It’s taking place on on Monday 25th June from 5-9.30pm. With some special discounts, goody bags, drinks and canapes thrown in. That’s plenty of reasons to click for your invite. See you there!

I feel the need, the need for sp(r)eed..

My husband is OBSESSED by sport. No, not like your husband, not like the rest of them – he’s by far, THE worst. The only sport he has no interest in – and I mean he likes curling, archery, athletics, golf, football, baseball, basketball, American football, rugby, cricket and a million others……arrrrrgh….is motor racing. So as he annoys me with all that, I would like to dedicate this party theme idea to him. And my nephew who is obsessed with all things car.

I forgot to buy milk..

Completely OTT themed parties are simply a must in the USA – and they’re coming here!  So you need to get the road… pull out all the (PIT) STOPS and get into POLE POSITION with this Grand Prix extravaganza. Check it out…..welcome to Levi’s 2nd birthday party…

Great spread

If you break it down, it’s really cupcakes, cookie-pops, a cake and sweets in old fashioned jars. But add them together and they make for an impressive spread.

vroom cupcakes

The cake was a piece too.

Happy Birthday

There were plenty of wheels for the kids to play with. I have no clue where they came from – but between us mums we could round up enough! OK so they ‘aint no Ferrari’s, but we all have to start somewhere…

Check out these wheels

If they don’t get their buzz from the cars, they certainly will from the sweets…check it

Sweetie Heaven

And last but not least, the table was properly decked out for the little speed-freaks. Love the car lunch-boxes. And the chequered tablecloth. No stone was left unturned.

Check it out!

So there you go guys. A great party idea for your little boy racer. Your kids might like it too….

Thank you Kara’s Party Ideas for the images. Try Monster Parties for some Grand Prix party gear.

Why Purple Dragon Made Me Green..

So happy birthday again (and again and again OMG does it ever end???) to my girlies. So to celebrate in style (again and again and again!) we took them to Purple Dragon – a luxury family members club in Chelsea for the day.

Busy little birthday bees

And even I was knocked off my (skyscraper heeled) feet. It was A…MAZING. And super duper stylish. Let me share why….

Little pods with leather Le Corbusier loungers for you to block out the world (or your kids..) whist surfing a borrowed iPad. Bliss…..

Your little Chelsea Hideaway

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How to Outsmarty with your Party

So big news Stateside – AKA my spiritual home, are themed birthday parties. And I mean BIG news. As are Kids Party Planners, Kids caterers, hugely bratty kids etc etc. So I thought I’d give it a try for my girls’ 5th birthday party and throw a RAINBOW party. I hired an absolute GENIUS party planner (who knew?)….moi. And baker extraordinaire (under my NIGHTMARE CONTROL-FREAK watchful eye) who is mum from school ( and is very very clever.

If only they listened like that to us!

Everything had to be done to the nth degree. Let’s dig down into the detail. Oooooh lookey here at these Rainbow Push Pops. THE latest thing darlings. Cake pops, cupcakes – pah so yesterday!

Rainbow nom nom

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