How to Outsmarty with your Party

So big news Stateside – AKA my spiritual home, are themed birthday parties. And I mean BIG news. As are Kids Party Planners, Kids caterers, hugely bratty kids etc etc. So I thought I’d give it a try for my girls’ 5th birthday party and throw a RAINBOW party. I hired an absolute GENIUS party planner (who knew?)….moi. And baker extraordinaire (under my NIGHTMARE CONTROL-FREAK watchful eye) who is mum from school ( and is very very clever.

If only they listened like that to us!

Everything had to be done to the nth degree. Let’s dig down into the detail. Oooooh lookey here at these Rainbow Push Pops. THE latest thing darlings. Cake pops, cupcakes – pah so yesterday!

Rainbow nom nom

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