Enfance Paris – All natural skin care for Kids

I have wonderful memories of baths as a kid. On special occasions, my mum used to add her essential oils, lotions, and bubbles that would smell divine and would make me feel like a princess. Now the reality is, that I was grubby, had slopped food all around my mouth, had eaten a worm and jumped in muddy puddles and my mum needed a draw to lure me into the bath! BUT – wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to treat your little ones like royalty without your own supply of lotions depleting rapidly!? Look what I have to share with you today…


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Daylesford Mini Meals

I love to see my kids eat. Maybe it’s because they were such teeny tiny little non-eating buggers as babies. Maybe because I love my food. But either way – it gives me pleasure to see them eat.

However – as we all know – life is busy and who has the time to produce healthy, yummy, organic meals for them. OK smuggies. I don’t. So I was rather happy to see that Daylesford Organic have launched a brand new range of kids meals.

Daylesford Organic Kids Meals New Launch Ocado

All home-made (ish – well made by hand anyway!), each with at least one portion of veg inside and with no added sugar. Plus – each pack comes with a mask for kids to wear. Personally I’m not sure they will want to see what they are eating – but that’s just me.

Available now for £3.29 at Ocado and Daylesford Organic.