Dress to Party

It’s Prince George’s second Christmas. After his official portrait on the weekend – I think we have a good idea of what his Party Season dressing will be like. _79710177_princegeorge2

Now whilst Prince George is most certainly a cute chap, the Duchess will be ever so gutted this post came out AFTER the pictures, as her little Prince could have rocked a whole different look had she have seen it before. So, without further comment (for fear of committing treason) and without further ado, I bring you my TOP party looks for this Festive season. Let’s go.

Top Kids Xmas Christmas Party Looks Dresses Blazers ilovegorgeous alexandalexa melijoe JCrew Mothercare NoAddedSugar (1)

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Friday Fash Off – Stripe Two!

It’s been haling – Spring must be upon us. As you clever junkies know it’s ALL about stripes this season. We’ve done horizontal – how else do you think I made my twins. Oh..sorry – I got distracted – word association with the word horizontal. I mean, we’ve done horizontal stripes. So let’s get vertical!

This dress by Baby K for Mothercare is a piece. Blue and white and nice not naughty nautical. And such a great price!  From £14 Mothercare.

Friday Fash Off Girls Stripey Dresses Mothercare and No Added Sugar

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