Angel & Rocket

If I had £1 for every person that became a parent and decided there was nothing to dress their kids in and so they decided to launch their own line – I would be buying a LOT more handbags than I do right now.

However, the reality is that simply being a fussy parent does not give you the credentials to make it in the world of kids fashion. Most of the time.

Angel&Rocket New Brand Launch Kids Fashion Clothing Accessories (16)
Freckle Print Dress £45

Step in Philippa Cloete, formally of Next, Marks & Spencer and Topshop, where she worked as a Buyer through to Head of Buying for over 15yrs. Cloete brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in fashion, as well as her experience of being a mother of two girls, to create a carefully edited collection for AW14, with her newly launched brand Angel & Rocket.

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River Island Mini

I have a treat for all you mums and dads of little babies and toddlers. Well, after pregnancy, birth, nighttime everything and daytime everything – you deserve something nice. And here I am to give it to you. I present – River Island Mini.

New Launch River Island Mini Baby Toddler Fashion (1)

Now those mums with older kids are well familiar with the ability to pop into River Island and pick up a high fashion piece for your kid without it costing very much. And now new/newer mums can get in on the action for their babies and toddlers. There are 100 pieces in all costing from £6-£20. Here are some of my faves.

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Spring into Spring

I’m going to force the issue. I’m B.O.R.E.D. of darkness in the morning, dampness, bad hair days, sales clothes. I need NEW! New weather, new outfits, new husband. OK not the last one – he’s all right.

Spring Summer Kids Fashion

So without further ado, let’s shop the first morsels of Spring on the high street with a top 10.

1. This meadow print dress practically gives me hay fever! £17-23 Next. It’s already pride of place in my girls’ wardrobe. Photographic prints are sizzling hot for this season.

Dress Next

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