Womens and Girls Rabbit Hairbands for Easter

The Easter feast (er) is almost upon us. I’m in training for it. Every day, I’m eating chocolate. I’m building up my capacity so I can do an entire giant-sized egg on the day. And not want to vomit. I do like to get into the spirit of things. The other thing I like about Easter are all the cutesy wutesy baby fluffy animals associated with it. So let’s talk bunnies. I have something for mummies – admittedly the hipper ones that would not look like a complete idiot wearing this. I definitely would. And something for the girls. Not exactly bunny but something that definitely makes you look like one…

Womens and Girls Headbands Jcrew Selfridges Maison Michel Easter Fashion

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Stylish Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Now I know there is a growing movement about women choosing not to be a mother. There are benefits to not being a mother. Let’s explore a few..

Sleep. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Not needing to wipe any bottom – except your own. Your hands – soft – not rough and aged from washing them after touching aforementioned bottoms or grimy kids hands. No one walking in whilst you grab 5 seconds to actually go to the loo screaming “Mummmaaaaay Roxie hitttttt meeeeeeeeee”. Your car, clean – smells fresh – not full of crumbs, vomit or smeary finger-marks. Your jeans, without knee-holes from bending down to pick up someone elses mess. Your tops – embellished with sequins – not drops of baby vomit or smeared toddler food. Your hair – blow dried to within an inch if it’s life – not one hair out of place – and not pulled or so greasy you could cook chips in it. The food you cook, remains on a plate – not liberally littered around the kitchen, getting into places you didn’t even know existed. Your cutlery, gets used – you never have to witness the grossness of eating rice with fingers.  Your cloakroom, has coats hanging in it – as opposed to strewn all over the floor after a day of school. Your Sky Box not full to capacity with CBeebies, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network horrors. Your treat cupboard. What treat cupboard – who can have treats around and keep THIS body looking THIS good? Oh about THE body – no stretch marks, no empty pouches for breasts, no cuts, no stitches, no flapping, overstretched lady-bits. Yes, there are many, many benefits.

BUT, and this is a GIANT BUT – the cuddles, the love, the innocence, the cute things they say, the way they look adoringly at you (unless you have told them off) and much more more MORE – I’m pleased I choose motherhood. Well, either way, I’m knee-deep in it now….

Seriously though – I wouldn’t change it for the world. So to that end Mammas, let us be celebrated on our one day this year – Mother’s Day. And here’s what I propose you deserve.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

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Mummy and Me – Bomber Jackets

If it’s good enough for Saint Laurent, it’s good enough for our kids. But of course at a fraction of the price. I’m chatting about the humble bomber jacket.


Here are my top picks for kids!

So as Autumn wraps its cold self around you and your kids – wrap up Saint Laurent style and get busy with bomber jackets.

Mummy and Me – Marching Band

Band-camp is a phrase I associate with the American Pie movies. But let me tell you – today that look is hot hot HOT for the new season. And we are going to show you how to get the look for you, and for your little girl. Let’s go!

First up, it would be rude not to start with the Ladies – it’s us first afterall. And what could be better than a bit of Saint Laurent? OK – we can dream…Cropped Wool Blazer £2,565 My Theresa.

Womens and Kids Military Fashion Style Saint Laurent Stella McCartney (1)

The GREAT news is even if we can’t do it for us (because who can at that price?) – we can get that look for our girls for a lot less thanks to this Mel Majortette All in One £87 by Stella McCartney Kids.

Womens and Kids Military Fashion Style Saint Laurent Stella McCartney (2)

So quick march guys and get busy with this trend.

Mummy and Me – Let it Rain

I’m still rather sure we are in the midst of bleakville winterville. But it can only go one way from here. Down. As in..rain. So to make sure you are both on tip top rain-form, we bring you these matching rain coats for you and your mini me. I beg don’t wear these together – but if you insist – just don’t say I told you to OK?

For stylish dry little girls get this mac from Alioli Kids £55.

Womens and Kids Rainwear Fashion Style Accessories Joules H&M Aliolikids (1)

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