Mother Funking!

Well knock me down with a feather. I have long been banging on about Mothercare.

Yeh yada yada breastfeeding blah and nappies and all that usual jazz. But that’s not what we are about here in our stylish HQ at KSJ. We’re all about style. And let me tell you, what a fantastic selection of clothes they have coming your way this Autumn/Winter. At price points that frankly – make me weep at the value. Look…..

Bask in the sun. Enjoy it, because it won’t last. But the good news is that winter does! And these clothes will make the misery that is our winter – worth the pain!


It’s My Party..

People, we are one!  Not in a hippy-happy-clappy-lets-kiss-the-ground-and-make-sweet-love way. I mean One Year Old!

Birthday Competition

To celebrate – we have some INCREDIBLE presents and exclusive discounts to share from some BRILLIANT kids brands. BUT BUT BUT if you’re not a subscriber – YOU’RE NOT COMIN’ IN!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what our clever subs could be getting their manicured mitts on….

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Friday Fash Off – Stripe Two!

It’s been haling – Spring must be upon us. As you clever junkies know it’s ALL about stripes this season. We’ve done horizontal – how else do you think I made my twins. Oh..sorry – I got distracted – word association with the word horizontal. I mean, we’ve done horizontal stripes. So let’s get vertical!

This dress by Baby K for Mothercare is a piece. Blue and white and nice not naughty nautical. And such a great price!  From £14 Mothercare.

Friday Fash Off Girls Stripey Dresses Mothercare and No Added Sugar

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Breast in Show

I was slightly worried about being invited to a feeding system launch by Mothercare.

The first thing I asked was – will there be live breast pump demonstrations? OK OK I admit it – the only pump I like, is on my FOOT. Thankfully, there were no breasts in sight. But there was a fantastic, complete line of 31 products that will deliver food to the fruit of our loins in the first year of their little lives – including pumps! I present INNOSENCE.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

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A Klass Act

Happy new year lovelies! What better way to kick start 2013 stylishly than our EXCLUSIVE interview with Myleene Klass all about motherhood and style. We chatted at the launch she hosted for Mothercare’s new and birth-worthy app.

Myleene Klass Mothercare Exclusive Interview

I didn’t quite know what to expect of her. She is the purest definition of a multi-talent (well…apart from moi..). She sings, is a whizz with the piano and violin, is a model, a designer for Start-Rite shoes, Mothercare, Littlewoods, has a nail-bar in Debenhams, a presenter, an Ambassador, a DJ, a mother….I’m exhausted just writing it – how does she LIVE it? Let’s see….

So you see, pincurls and fame aside – every child likes to smear snot and food all over their parents! Thank you so much Myleene, for being amazing and normal!