I can sing a rainbow

It’s that time of year again. Rain. Cold. Miserable. Crying kids every morning. Or maybe that’s just mine? So I wanted to brighten up your days with a trend that is big this Spring for our little people – Rainbows. Let’s go!

Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (3)
Pretty-yes. But remember that post Xmas cellulite….

First up a special rainbow mention must go to Jools Oliver’s Little Bird collection for Mothercare. It’s rainbowtastic, and fantastic. Love this sweatshirt! From £10 Mothercare.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (1)

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Mothercare X Tusk

My heart is all a flutter and I’m going to get impregnated tonight. No – I haven’t fallen in love again with my husband. And no, I’m not having an affair.

mothercare-x-tusk-charity-hrh-duke-of-cambridge-royal-baby-nursery-baby-decor (8)
Dear Lord, how I wish my photo did this cot justice. It is so amazing!

I’ve seen the new Mothercare X Tusk nursery collection and I need it in my life – baby or no baby. Check it out….

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Jools SO Rools!

I was SUCH a lucky little Blogger, as I was invited to the lovely Jools Oliver’s beautiful home for a first sighting of her new Little Bird line Spring/Summer range for Mothercare.

Jools Oliver Mothercare Little Bird Kids Fashion Accessories (3)
This woman knows a thing or two about kids clothes!

And let me tell you – it’s her best yet. I’ll let the clothes do the talking here…

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Fash Off – Cosmic

Now as you well know – I love stylish things. And I love them more – when they are accessible to everyone – whatever your budget. So today – we turn our Fash Off attention to Cosmic leggings. Look – I love these and have these…well not me – Minnie..but I do wish I could!

Kids Leggings Mothercare La Loi (2)

Cosmos leggings by the absolutely fabulous and talented La Loi £39. And great for both boys and girls.

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Mini Style Tribes – Retro Rascals

OK. I have to come clean. I am bored with all the Royal Baby hoo-ha. There. I said it. I gave birth 6 years ago to indentical Princess twins. Now THAT is worth a fuss.

So if you’re feeling like me, and need something to take your mind off it – you can read up on how to add some Retro glam to your kids life. Here is my third and penultimate Mini Style Tribe for the current issue of Gurgle Magazine – RETRO RASCALS. Let’s go…

Click to Enlarge

THAT, is worth talking about! The thing is with the style tribes is that most kids will dip into more than one. And that is cool. And if they don’t dip into any – I’m about as interested in them a I am in the Royal Baby……
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