NEW Kids and Baby Fashion – Marie-Chantal X Marks and Spencer

If I’m honest – which as you well know I always am – often to the point of foot in mouth – but whatevs – I never would have believed I’d be writing a blog title like this. Marie Chantal X good old M&S? Who’s have thought it? But boy, is it a thing, and boy is it good. Look here.


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Top 10 Kids Underwater Inspired Fashion for Finding Dory

Many, many years ago when I had a small kids fashion retail pop-up in a local leisure centre, there was a large fish tank next to it that was filled with lots of beautiful tropical fish. Amongst them, Clownfish AKA Nemo. All I heard ALL DAY LONG from little kids walking past was “Neeeeeeeemo mummayyyyyyy”. Now this was all very much pre having had kids for me – I had no clue what they were on about.

Oh how very much my life has now changed. And now, all these years later – Disney Pixar have finally created a sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory which is released in the UK on the 29th July. Which if Nemo is anything to go by, will be a huge smash. Not least with our British summer pretty-much guaranteeing NO rain-free days – it’s somewhere to take them and keep them amused for a few hours eh? Here’s the trailer.

So inspired by this – I bring you my Top 10 Underwater inspired fashion as it goes without saying that we don’t ‘do’ official merchandise darlings. Let’s go..


How perfect is this underwater-scene hoodie by Hitch Hiker (Monnalisa’s boys brand) €87.


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Top 10 kids beach essentials for summer holidays

Ahhh, beach life – how I love you and pine for you. BUT you cannot send those kids willy-nilly on to the sand unless they are properly swim-suited and booted so here are my Top 10 kids beach essentials for summer holidays.

Starting with to swim in. Now I know these swim shorts are rather expensive but come ON they are oh so amazing! By Orlebar Brown from Melijoe £110.


I am loving this swimsuit by M&S. Ticking both the gingham trend and the appliqué trend – this ticks my boxes. From £10.

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Top 10 Princess Charlotte Fashion

The tiniest female fashion icon turns one on Monday 2nd May – Princess Charlotte. There has been much in the press over the last week about the way the Duchess dresses her kids – even I have had my say in the Mail Online. The Duchess has a very specific style for Charlotte – traditional, very Spanish, muted tones, lots of ditsy florals, collars and smocking. My mother used to dress me like that. Until I was 13. No lie. Anyway – I survived – so here’s how to get her look for less for your very own princess with my Top 10. Let’s go…


Her dress in this picture is by Spanish brand M&H and costs a mere £21. Compare that to what the celebrities spend on their kids outfits eh?

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Top 10 to Halloween Heaven

Halloween is round the corner. Arguably the best day in my girls’ year – ahead of their birthday. Why? Because you get the dress up and eat sweets of course. Outfit conversations start on the 31st October as a matter of course. Of course.

But, what we will not have, is an ugly, scratchy costume situation. We will do this with style. Let’s go!

Now that’s a treat eh? No tricks in sight. Happy Halloween!