Fabulous Kids Fashion Game

Today, we’re going to play a game.

We all know that our brains were expelled from our bodies, pretty much at the same time as our placentas – so let’s try to get something inside that pretty little head of ours firing up again. Synapse bootcamp we’ll call it.

So the game is called Guess Who. I want you to look at these gorgeous clothes and tell me who made them. Let’s start.


Love love LOVE the geo. Here’s some more.

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Mamas&Papas x Fifi Lapin

Yay – it’s chuck the contraceptives time again people! Fifi Lapin – that achingly cute and stylish character with a bit of Parisian chic injected into her Bunny veins – has her very own capsule collection at Mamas and Papas. And let me tell you – it’s birthworthy. Look…

Fifi Lapin Mamas Papas Collaboration Kids Baby Fashion Style Nursery (5)

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