Exclusive Kids Fashion Launch – Balmain Kids at Harrods

You know that times are sad when you – aged in your, ahem ahem 30’s (plus a bit and a bit more) – have wardrobe envy of a 3 year old.


Much like her mother, Kim, but with a much, MUCH smaller bottom – Little North West, is as we know, already a bit of a fashion icon.

And as happens with normal kids aged two NEVER, this little girl was gifted a selection of custom made Balmain jackets by its creative director Olivier Rousteing. And they were so stylish, so dinky and sadly so not available to buy. But now, the Balmain designer has launched a fully fledged kids fashion line for SS17 and will showcase this collection where else, but Harrods Mini Superbrands, naturellement. Let us look.

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Breast in Show

I was slightly worried about being invited to a feeding system launch by Mothercare.

The first thing I asked was – will there be live breast pump demonstrations? OK OK I admit it – the only pump I like, is on my FOOT. Thankfully, there were no breasts in sight. But there was a fantastic, complete line of 31 products that will deliver food to the fruit of our loins in the first year of their little lives – including pumps! I present INNOSENCE.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

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