I can sing a rainbow

It’s that time of year again. Rain. Cold. Miserable. Crying kids every morning. Or maybe that’s just mine? So I wanted to brighten up your days with a trend that is big this Spring for our little people – Rainbows. Let’s go!

Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (3)
Pretty-yes. But remember that post Xmas cellulite….

First up a special rainbow mention must go to Jools Oliver’s Little Bird collection for Mothercare. It’s rainbowtastic, and fantastic. Love this sweatshirt! From £10 Mothercare.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (1)

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Well it’s officially Autumn. Heating on (hooray – well, I say that by my husband doesn’t agree) and umbrellas up (boo).

But guys, new season…new reason…to shop.

And these high tops by Skribbies are not only practical, but they are also something to keep them quiet for a bit as they can be fully customised – again, and again and again. Here are my girls checking out the kit…

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (7)
The idea of Skribbies came about when their creator, Jennifer Duthie was reminiscing about the sweeter days of childhood.

Inspired by the fabric paints of the 90s, Jennifer wanted to develop a product for kids that was more versatile and would allow kids to keep on customising. Available in pink, blue or black a pair of Skribbies is £35.90. Each box contains a pair of high tops, a sheet of monster stickers, wipeable marker pens and a wristband that serves as a marker pen holder and eraser!

Here’s how it works…

So here the girls get down to business. Very very busy girls. They are planning the design. It’s a series of negotiations that culminates in one designing one shoe and one the other. But oddly the finished result – like my twins – is identical.

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (6)

And TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the finished product.

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Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (2)

And here are how the pro’s do it…

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (1)

So if you, like me are bored of the ho-hum look that everyone else has or else want to buy a great present that keeps giving, get involved! Skribbies.

Bubble Yum

I really do love so to be ahead of the curve. And for you to be too. So I took myself to Bubble London – the UK’s largest kidswear trade show, to see whats coming our way next Spring/Summer (if you can call it that in the UK!). Here are my top picks…

So guys – get inspired and start working on the budget. After-all – to cope with our horror summer weather – you will def need some retail therapy.

Style Spotter Sandal Lovin’

Oh I do like a bit of good sandal action. Not that we will be getting our kids’ tootsies out on show anytime soon given the in, out, in, out weather scenario. But when that sun shines – I’m going to put my girls in these sandals and say “Bad weather..stick these where the sun don’t shine!”

Style Spotter River Island Girls Sandal

Bit of neon, bit of neutral, lot of style. £15 by River Island.

Style Spotter River Island Girls Sandal

Oh with all my wondrous style spotting – I think I know where that sun is…..right up my a**e! ;o)

Dress to Impress in M&S

I was cordially invited to the Marks and Spencer’s press day last week to have a peek at their AW13 range. O.M.G. I was blown away. I wanted E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. NOW NOW NOW!!! Look…

The ridiculous thing is that it feels like Autumn now, but for these lovelies, we are going to have to wait for the real deal. In selected stores and online at Marks and Spencer from August. Get very busy!