Rudolf Jacket Potato Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Now if you think about feeding your child – there’s only one name that springs to mind. Food a**hole. Well, at least that’s the name that sprung to mind when feeding my kids as babies. They were impossible. NO mummy NO. Ugh. Spit. Retch. It was P.A.I.N.F.U.L!

Annabel Karmel Xmas Recipe
Horrid Little Things

And then I discovered Annabel Karmel’s recipes. And when the food was tasty, and the food was fun – the food was eaten. TA DAAAA!

I met the lovely Annabel a few weeks ago and she sent me this recipe for some Xmas cooking fun with your kids! Rudolf Jacket Potato.

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Style Spotter – Dinner Delight

My kids are often bored by supper. Takes time away from dress up, make-up, shows – all the incredibly important things in their little lives basically.

Let’s do the maths. SUPPERTIME – PLAYTIME = BORING!!! So when I saw this – I thought W.I.N.N.E.R!


Yeh baby. The Landscaped Dinner Set by DOIY €28. Keeps them entertained for hours!

So guys, much like pasta, juice and peas – I’m all over it!

Bento Mental

Oh I just love a bit of Bento action. I’m so bored of kids’ lunch box contents. Can you imagine how our kids feel – same thing day in day out? But wait! We are BUSY mums! Some of us work, some of us don’t. But we all want to best for our kids. And in my case, most stylish. So I make them this…………

Bento Box Kids Lunch Box Inspiration

Actually…….I don’t. Are you nuts? Who has the time?! However, I do have some super duper simple cheat ways to jazz up their little lunch lives.

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