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I’m going to make my first week back all about fashion – darlings. (Word association, sorry). And because it’s Back to School Week and we all have a ton of school admin crap to read (or not if you are me), I shall make this post light on words, heavy on pictures. Let’s begin here.

HM Studio Kids AW16 Fashion Style

All I have to say is look at this brilliant new Studio AW16 kids collection by H&M (yes – believe it).

HM Studio Kids AW16 Fashion Style

This collection is where powerful tailoring meets Swedish heritage and handicraft. Using patterns and embellishments from Swedish folklore, the collection’s details and textures draw inspiration from animals of the forest. Oh yes siree. Here are more more MORE images – click on each image to see the full picture. Then drool. 

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Exclusive Kids Fashion Video Interview with Mère Soeur

Have you ever met someone who inspires you and depresses you at the same time? Meet Carrie-Anne Roberts. She’s a beautiful and achingly cool 26 year old mother to an equally gorgeous 18 month old boy called River, who is living her dream thanks to Instagram – having started out on the shop floor of Lush.

In 2015 she created Mère Soeur – a lifestyle brand dedicated to celebrating inspiring mums. Printing T-shirts and tote bags with slogans such as “Raising the Future” or “Mama Gang” we can thank her for putting the some of the sass back into sisterhood.


And finally, after a year of requests, she has created a line for 0-5 year olds. Inspired by her son, and creating clothes she wanted him to wear, the line is playful and cute but still super cool. As she says ” It’s the dream ensemble for a cheeky, curious short one with style.”

So now she is in the world of kids fashion, the time had come for me and my blog pal Anna Cascarina from Little Flea to chat to Carrie-Anne to find out about how it all started for her, how the kids line developed, the #mystory Instagram exhibition she was part of, and then there was an inevitable discussion about breastfeeding that, well, you need to watch. 

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David Bowie Inspired Kids Fashion and Home Decor

Today we celebrate a legend. A creative genius. A true icon. David Bowie. RIP.


This man has long inspired the world of fashion and design with his out of this world fashion style. So today we look at some pieces that channel probably David Bowie’s most famous alter egos – Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane – quite the embodiment of the term glam rock.

Here are my top ten picks for kids fashion and home. Let’s go.


Shooting Stars Mirror £130 Dandy Star.

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Fabulous Kids Fashion Game

Today, we’re going to play a game.

We all know that our brains were expelled from our bodies, pretty much at the same time as our placentas – so let’s try to get something inside that pretty little head of ours firing up again. Synapse bootcamp we’ll call it.

So the game is called Guess Who. I want you to look at these gorgeous clothes and tell me who made them. Let’s start.


Love love LOVE the geo. Here’s some more.

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