Exclusive Kids Fashion Launch – Balmain Kids at Harrods

You know that times are sad when you – aged in your, ahem ahem 30’s (plus a bit and a bit more) – have wardrobe envy of a 3 year old.


Much like her mother, Kim, but with a much, MUCH smaller bottom – Little North West, is as we know, already a bit of a fashion icon.

And as happens with normal kids aged two NEVER, this little girl was gifted a selection of custom made Balmain jackets by its creative director Olivier Rousteing. And they were so stylish, so dinky and sadly so not available to buy. But now, the Balmain designer has launched a fully fledged kids fashion line for SS17 and will showcase this collection where else, but Harrods Mini Superbrands, naturellement. Let us look.

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New – Notabag Kids and Adults Eco Friendly Tote and Backpack

Paying for carry bags these days is a thing. A thing we hate. So in come this raft of re-usable tote/carry bags made of cotton, often printed with fun and stylish messages. Good to go. Or are we? Let’ start with a conundrum. What to do when you cycle to work, pit stop at M&S to get supper, and then have to navigate balancing bags of shopping on your bike to go home and cook? Tote – Shmote. This, does not work.


Notabag was born out of the creator’s Adnan Alicusic’s need for a functional yet eco friendly bag that could change from one situation to the next – just for situations like these – so he created Notabag, which is a smart combination of a tote bag and a backpack. and is available for kids and adults alike. Look how it works.

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NEW Oliver Bonas – Olly B Babywear

Hands up if you can’t walk past an Oliver Bonas without peeking inside? I definitely can’t. It’s totally brilliant for gifts and home and, well, lots actually – things you didn’t even know you needed! So what exciting news it is that they have just launched babywear! The collection is titled Olly B Babywear and draws inspiration from the colours and prints from their womenswear designs. Look here…


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Camille Walala x Labour of Love Kids Fashion Collaboration

Now unless you have been living under a stone, or maybe in some Amish community that has no electricity – you will have heard of the brilliant vlogger Mother Pukka. Now we know her and we like her. She is very very funny. And pretty. Actually, maybe we hate her? No, we are not that shallow. Anyway, I digress. On her hugely popular Instagram, she often seen posing in front of a rather striking graphic wall. Now that wall is why we are all gathered here today.


The wall has been painted/muralised whatever by the amazing graphic artist Camille Walala. Camille Walala is a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print. A graduate in Textile Design from the University of Brighton, her namesake brand was established in East London in 2009, where she continues to live. Yes, she is one of those hipster-types and not only is she achingly cool – her work is off the charts cool.


And now kids can get a piece of Walala action as she has created a capsule collection for Labour of Love.  It’s first brand in the UK to collaborate with Camille and they have taken her punchy signature prints and redesigned them onto their new range which is available for women, men and kids.

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