Get the Look

Welcome to our new series. Here at KSJ we love to make our kids’ worlds more stylish. So we thought we’d find some achingly cool kids rooms, and show you how to GET THE LOOK with the click of a button! Let’s go!

get the look 1

L.O.V.I.N.G. the whole scheme in this room! Let’s get that look…

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Fash-Off Kids Storage

Vegetables, fruit, water, exercise, diet, fresh air – all very important in the life of a kid. And for their mother – storage! I mean how much C.R.A.P. can one small person accumulate? So today – we look at a brilliant, stylish storage solutions. Spend more, spend less – who cares – JUST PUT IT AWAY!!!!


First stop – Habitat. This Slot Kids wardrobe has 2 drawers, a hanging rail and cubby holes, offering a variety of storage options. £450 Habitat.

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