Buglet- Wearable Bug Deterrent

My blood is to mosquitos what chocolate cake is to me: Delicious.

We all know the agony of an unscratched mosquito bite, and for kids, it is especially hard to resist clawing at their limbs especially if it offers a release. We’ve all tried the preventative sprays and creams but there is something poisonous about the smell, and who can be bothered the play the game of ‘catch the kid running away from the spray’ – not me! Plus do they ever really work?

Introducing Buglet, a stylish slap-on bracelet for kids that deters midges, mozzies, and other biting insects which is available to purchase from Treehouse Kid & Craft.


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Holiday Dreaming – LUX Resorts

OMG. It is BITTERLY cold in the UK. My fingers are almost frostbitten as I type this. The husband/heating arguments are in full bloom. It’s time to take ourselves off somewhere. Somewhere warmer. To a little bit of Paradise.


Ahhh – now that almost feels a bit bit better already eh?

My family and I have just returned from a holiday to the very beautiful island of Mauritius. When we were there, we spent a brilliant day at LUX Resorts flagship resort, LUX Belle Mare.

Now, LUX Resorts were not really on my radar until Penny from Heidi Klein told me it was one of her favourite family resorts when I interviewed her. In fact she has created a bespoke line of bikinis especially for them. I hate to say it but I had the impression prior to that, that they were a brand that was aspiring to be Luxury – hence the name. Oh how very, very, VERY wrong I was.

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Fash Off – Surfer Dude

I know it’s not quite here yet – but if you haven’t already – you need to get your act together for summer swimwear as a lot has already sold out! So to that end – we have a new fash off people. It’s one for the boys so they can look the part when surfing those tubes..

I am well fancying a pair of these surfboard shorts by IKKS €35 sizes 4-14Y.

boys-surf-style-swimwear-debenhams-ikks (2)

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