Da Mouse is in Da House

Now the finishing touch to any good look is hair darlings. No point in top to toeing them in Bonpoint and Dior and them leaving the house like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Oh baby!

So I’m going to make it easy for you people with girls who have long hair. This style – we call it Minnie Mouse but to avoid being sued by Disney – we shall call it  THE MOUSE. We’ve been doing it since the girls were 2!

Great Girls Hair Style
Minnie rocking The Mouse at her 2nd birthday party

It works so well whatever you’re doing – for best, as well as school – and pretty much stays in place all day.

Here’s what you need:

  • A good child that sits – sorry can’t buy that! And/or an Ipod/Ipad/Idontcare – any distraction!
  • A good hairbrush. Mine is Denman’s Tangle Tamer £6.13 from John Lewis
  • 4 hairbands  – and an extra 2 decorative ones if you fancy
  • Clips if they have lots of flyaway/shorter hairs
  • Hairbrush Styling creme for smoothing fly-aways. I use John Freida Frizz Ease Secret Agent £5.49 from Boots.
  • And max 10 mins – 5 once you’ve mastered it!

And here’s how to do it.

First of all – brush the hair so it’s nice and smooth. Then, part the hair down the middle. Don’t drive yourself nuts about it being perfect – we’re not John Freida! We can’t possibly be hairdressers as well as being chauffeurs, air hostesses, doctors, chefs, stylists and general slaves to our kids! Just do it as well as you can. Even mine – is erm very not perfect.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Are we sitting comfortably, then we'll begin

Then – brush one half of the parted hair up high – to make a high pigtail.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Brusha brusha

Secure with one of the hairbands.

Great Girls Hairstyle
This little piggy needs a friend

Then do the same with the other half. Now you should have two high pigtails.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Two Little Piggies

Take one of the pigtails and twist it tight.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Come on baby - let's do the twist

Then wrap the twisted pigtail clockwise or anticlockwise  around the hairband that’s securing the pigtail in place, to make a bun.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Wrap wrap

Use another hairband to stretch over the bun you’re created to secure it in place. Repeat on the other side.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Stretch and secure

Use the smoothing creme to flatten the fly-aways – or a non-vile clip if you prefer. Now – for school – you can stop here. Done. Smart and good to go.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Da Mouse Is In Da House

Or – you can go one step beyond by wrapping another more decorative hairband around each bun. Voila. Takes you from DAY TO YAY! Topshop, Accessorize,  and H&M Kids (though much better in-store) are good places to look for funkier hairbands.

Great Girls Hairstyle
Great Girls Hairstyle

So darlings, for a good look, you don’t just wash and go – make a tiny bit of effort – it will show.

PS I’m a poet – and boy do I know it!

Good Hair Days

Now let’s just face facts. You can have the best shoes, the best clothes and the best accessories – but if the hair is BAD  – the whole lot’s a let down. And if you’re anything like me – at this point, there will be some kind of TANTRUM….

Cute Girl Hairstyles
And that's JUST what I do!

But the same needn’t apply to your kids. People, as part of my responsibility to help style your offspring, watch this super-simple video tutorial and then it will be Daniel Galvin eat yer heart out! Courtesy of Cute Girl Hairstyles, I present The Double Twist Back.

Cute Girls Hairstyles
The Double Twistback!

And here’s how….

So no excuses for a bad hair day now….get those hands busy!