Know Your Party Dressing ABC’s

There is no better opportunity to dress them kids up than the impending party season. Here are some top party styling tips by a brilliant fashionista who is very young, skinny and clever – – that I have written from the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine. Check it…

Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips
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Like a Christmas canapé – that was just a little taster! For the full article – get your mitts on the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine out now for the full alphabet of kids party styling!
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Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips (2)

Now you have no excuses ever for a bad party look!

Mini Style Tribes – Retro Rascals

OK. I have to come clean. I am bored with all the Royal Baby hoo-ha. There. I said it. I gave birth 6 years ago to indentical Princess twins. Now THAT is worth a fuss.

So if you’re feeling like me, and need something to take your mind off it – you can read up on how to add some Retro glam to your kids life. Here is my third and penultimate Mini Style Tribe for the current issue of Gurgle Magazine – RETRO RASCALS. Let’s go…

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THAT, is worth talking about! The thing is with the style tribes is that most kids will dip into more than one. And that is cool. And if they don’t dip into any – I’m about as interested in them a I am in the Royal Baby……
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Mini Style Tribes – Pint Sized Preppies

Lovely Junkies, over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you the article I wrote for the fabulous Gurgle Magazine. I am very proud of it and very pleased with it. In fact – I really think I’m THE DOGS!

OK not quite. Anyway – Mini Style Tribes is a homage to four celeb kids and their very own styles. We start today with the gorgeous, newly turned age 2, Harper Beckham. She’s a PINT SIZED PREPPY…

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Does your kid work a Pint Sized Preppie look? I don’t mind if they do or don’t, or whether you spend or you don’t – as long as they are stylish! Stay tuned for the next three tribes…