Customise Those Kids Kicks – Free!

You know how it goes. It’s time to leave. You’re late. The kids are not listening. Your husband is getting irritated. You’re screaming. At everyone. The kids come downstairs. Then you need to lace their shoes. Aaaaaaaaargh. It’s not pretty. But stop. Rewind. I have a solution. Not, it’s not divorce – but rather laces that pretty much lace themselves. Nice. Look here…


Say hello to U-Lace. Each U-Lace spans a single set of sneaker eyelets and easily snaps in. Did you know that kids spend an average of 7-10 minutes lacing sneakers?? But that’s not the only good thing about these.

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We’re going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo..

We had such a fab time at London Zoo recently. We were with a bunch of pals and all the kids were allowed to feed the animals. It was amazing quite how at home they were with the monkeys…

Monkey McCoy Top 10
Spot the Difference...I mean with the Monkeys...

Anyway – I got all inspired by my trip and thought let’s do animal clothes, baby. So we hooked up with the fabulous fashion and gift site Monkey McCoy and not only will I bring you my TOP 10 animal things from their site NO NO NO – you can also WIN £150 worth of these fabulous clothes! Let’s go..

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