Fash Off – Don’t be Catty

So I have found a perfect Fash Off for your girls for this Halloween. Spend more, spend less – we care not – as long as their get their feet purrrrrfect. Let’s start with these. Incy Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia £195. Oh yes. Not a cheap option but remember, a cat should not just be for Halloween.


Now if like most of us, your budget is more mouse, than cat – how about these velvet cat ballet flats from Gap Kids £16.95.

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Fash-pack Barbie!

Poor little Barbie. When I was a kid – she was the best gift any girl could dream of.

Today, however, with apps and iThis’ and iThat’s, rival brands trading on diversity and a backlash against what her supermodel proportioned body is doing for girls’ body image – she’s suffering. Step forward the Fash-pack.

sophia webster barbie mattel girls womens shoes selfridges

We’ve already covered Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Barbie, and now, the amazing shoe designer Sophia Webster has got in on the action with a Barbie doll and a Barbie capsule shoe collection for women and girls. And it’s pinkalicious and super girlie. Look.

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Style Spotter – Spot On Dot On

After Xmas overindulgence to a whole new level of overindulgence – I am on a mission to get fit. ISH. As long as it doesn’t involve any exercise and is purely massage based. Preferably with chocolate.

But let’s pretend I’m in the market for sports gear. And of course – always looking for my girls. Combine the two and check these babies out…

H&M Kids Sneakers High Tops (3)

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Charlotte Olympia – The Incy Collection

Now you show me a woman who doesn’t have a thing for shoes and bags and I will..erm..never be their friend!

Charlotte Olympia are a fashionistas choice of footwear. Stylish. Original. Expensive. Comfy. And imagine my delight when I found out they have now launched a line for our shinky dink daughters! The Incy Collection.

Charlotte Olympia Incy Shoe Collection for Girls (2)
Kitty Flats £195

Let’s have a proper look…

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