New Kids Brand Alert – Outside The Lines

We do love a new brand. Addendum. We do love a stylish new brand. And today, we have one of those rare beasts and it is EPIC.


Outside the Lines is a new girlswear brand offering a “carefully considered” clothing collection for girls age 3-10.

And considered it is. From the soft muted colours, to the understated luxurious materials, and of course the details. It’s all about the details. The trims, the little twists on wardrobe staples like the Breton top with foil collar, the tutu with a beautifully beaded waistline. Yummy.

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Top 10 Princess Charlotte Fashion

The tiniest female fashion icon turns one on Monday 2nd May – Princess Charlotte. There has been much in the press over the last week about the way the Duchess dresses her kids – even I have had my say in the Mail Online. The Duchess has a very specific style for Charlotte – traditional, very Spanish, muted tones, lots of ditsy florals, collars and smocking. My mother used to dress me like that. Until I was 13. No lie. Anyway – I survived – so here’s how to get her look for less for your very own princess with my Top 10. Let’s go…


Her dress in this picture is by Spanish brand M&H and costs a mere £21. Compare that to what the celebrities spend on their kids outfits eh?

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Wild & Gorgeous – boys and girls fashion

So of all the brands my girls have worn since they were born – and believe me, the combination of fashionista mother and kids fashion blogger has meant exposure to many, many brands – ilovegorgeous would have to be their total favourite. Launched in 2006 and by friends Sophie and Lucy – it has grown into a brand with a £2 million annual turnover, a strong celebrity following and international sales from top stores around the world from Selfridges in London to Barneys in New York.


I can’t explain why other than when their have worn their dresses, they feel really, well, gorgeous, and kind of proud of themselves. They waft around with their little heads raised high. It’s how you want your girls to feel. Confident. Good about themselves. Here they are twirling age 4.


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Margherita Kids

If I had a penny for every new mother who launches a new (insert:clothing, accessory, beauty, food) line as they just “could not find the (insert:clothing, accessory, beauty, food) I was looking for/needed”, I would be a very wealthy lady. And then POUFFF – a year, maybe 2 later – they are gone.

margherita missoni margherita kids fashion boys girls baby nordstrom (5)

But sometimes, just sometimes, you know you are looking success in the face. Like in this case, when a beautiful, young mother (like moi…) who just happens to be part of the brilliant, super successful fashion family Missoni (errr..not like moi) – Margherita Missoni, launches her eponymous kids fashion line Margherita Kids. Let us look…

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Style Spotter – Valentine’s Love

I had to share this with you – and what better timing? OK so the weather is till freezing and rubbish – so not from that perspective – but, it’s Valentines and not only is this dress covered in kissy kissy lips – it has also captured my heart! Look…

Valentines Day Kids Fashion Style Girls Dress Summer Rykiel Enfant Melijoe

Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!! This is SO in my shopping basket as I write it’s a JOKE! Printed cotton poplin dress with straps by Ryliel Enfant (bien sur!) £64.21 Melijoe. Get Valentine’s busy…