Exclusive Kids Fashion Launch – Balmain Kids at Harrods

You know that times are sad when you – aged in your, ahem ahem 30’s (plus a bit and a bit more) – have wardrobe envy of a 3 year old.


Much like her mother, Kim, but with a much, MUCH smaller bottom – Little North West, is as we know, already a bit of a fashion icon.

And as happens with normal kids aged two NEVER, this little girl was gifted a selection of custom made Balmain jackets by its creative director Olivier Rousteing. And they were so stylish, so dinky and sadly so not available to buy. But now, the Balmain designer has launched a fully fledged kids fashion line for SS17 and will showcase this collection where else, but Harrods Mini Superbrands, naturellement. Let us look.

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New Kids Brand Alert – Carlota Barnabe

Today’s post is bitter-sweet. Sweet, because I have found a new brand that is super gorgeous. Bitter, because it is only for 0-6 year old kids – and mine are 9. But for you, I shall share, as it’s a great way to get what I call a Bonton look – one of my favourite French kids stores – but for less. Oh and for my lovely readers, even less, as below we have an exclusive 15% discount code. Let’s have a look…


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Want Your Kids to Model?

I think a lot of us mums see our kids through rose tinted specs. My mum thought I was a beautiful baby. And I was, of course. She also thought my little sister was a beautiful baby. All I can say is when people came over to peek at her when she was out and about with my mother, they would more often than not say “Nice pram”…

Anyhoo – she grew into a beautiful young lady and got married way before me, so let’s not cry too hard for her. But I digress. Many mothers – well, most mothers, except probably me – definitely when my girls were tiny little ratty thingies – think their babies and kids are beautiful and think they will be the best thing to happen to kids modelling since…erm – whatever – they think they could be models.

gap casting call kids baby model competition

And in many many cases, oh dear they are wrong. But in a few cases, they are so so right. And for those mums, I have something fabulous for you! How about your kids being the star of the next Gap/Baby Gap marketing campaign? Now obviously I have told Gap, that if I write about this, my girls have to win – but let us pretend you have a chance – here are some details for you. (OK that is a joke before you get blah blah on me)

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Friday Fash-Off

Darlings – those of you that know me well, know my absolute FAVOURITE compliment ever is “Oooh I like that (insert item here), is that from (insert expensive designer here)?” and I’m like *smug smile* “ACTUALLY no, it’s from (insert high street store here)”.

Well that, and “My god woman you’re a total creative genius, and are stunningly beautiful, super stylish, so so popular, a phenomenal cook and skinny and look far too young to have your own children”.

Anyway anyway – I got all inspired and decided that on a Friday I shall bring you a designer look and it’s equivalent from the high street. Could be clothes, accessories, home, toys – anything. Starting now.

chloe-kids-chloe-girls-gold-sequin dress

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A playdate with Wovenplay

With everything that’s going on weather-wise in New York, it’s been on my mind. Not that it’s ever off my mind. It’s my sprititual home. Nothing must ruin it!

Wovenplay Kids Clothes Accessories
A row of beauty

On my recent tripette there, I met up with the super-cool Katherine Edmonds, owner of Wovenplay. To those who are not familiar with the brand, firstly, it’s probably one of the most editorial, original and beautiful brands for kids, and secondly you’re not my friend.

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