Fash Off – Don’t be Catty

So I have found a perfect Fash Off for your girls for this Halloween. Spend more, spend less – we care not – as long as their get their feet purrrrrfect. Let’s start with these. Incy Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia £195. Oh yes. Not a cheap option but remember, a cat should not just be for Halloween.


Now if like most of us, your budget is more mouse, than cat – how about these velvet cat ballet flats from Gap Kids £16.95.

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Want Your Kids to Model?

I think a lot of us mums see our kids through rose tinted specs. My mum thought I was a beautiful baby. And I was, of course. She also thought my little sister was a beautiful baby. All I can say is when people came over to peek at her when she was out and about with my mother, they would more often than not say “Nice pram”…

Anyhoo – she grew into a beautiful young lady and got married way before me, so let’s not cry too hard for her. But I digress. Many mothers – well, most mothers, except probably me – definitely when my girls were tiny little ratty thingies – think their babies and kids are beautiful and think they will be the best thing to happen to kids modelling since…erm – whatever – they think they could be models.

gap casting call kids baby model competition

And in many many cases, oh dear they are wrong. But in a few cases, they are so so right. And for those mums, I have something fabulous for you! How about your kids being the star of the next Gap/Baby Gap marketing campaign? Now obviously I have told Gap, that if I write about this, my girls have to win – but let us pretend you have a chance – here are some details for you. (OK that is a joke before you get blah blah on me)

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World Cup – Top 5 Kids Tees

Now unless you have been living under a stone – you will know that this Saturday – England start their World Cup campaign.

I so wish I did live under a stone. It hasn’t even begun and I am already over it. My husband is ruining my precisely designed house with various Wall Chart pullouts. It’s visually and mentally disturbing.

Football World Cup Stylish Kids T Shirts Sports Fashion

BUT- I shall try to motivate myself into it via kids style. Not that it is easy to find something football-like and stylish! Here are my Top 5 football tees!

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Friday Fash Off Baby

Today for our Friday Fash Off this week, we turn to onesies, rompers, babygro’s – call it what you want – spend more, spend less – either way it will have vomit and snot down it in a matter of moments. But for those few seconds it doesn’t  – boy is it nice to look at a cute STYLISH baby!

Baby Fashion Baby Clothes
My girls Teeny-Eeny-Incy-Wincy

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